Monday, August 18, 2008

Moments of Learning


Creative Leadership Forum Moments of Learning are 2 hour monthly programmes designed as short introductory learning experiences offering managers a taste of new trends, new thinking and new leadership and management styles in the creative leadership, creativity and innovation space.

"Moments are not chalk and talk. They are short low cost high quality learning experiences" said Ralph Kerle, Chief Executive Officer, the Creative Leadership Forum."We have priced a Moment at $110 so rather than managers denying themselves the opportunity for professional development because of uncertainty of value or suitability of content, managers can use a Creative Leadership Forum Moment to quickly gauge whether the content is of practical use and then make a decision later to invest further in professional development either personally or with organisational involvement. Through these moments also, the Creative Leadership Forum gains a better understanding of what managers are seeking in the way of professional development. A win-win situation for everyone!!"

Upcoming Moments of Learning include the Theatre of Marketing, Creativity and Online Networking (Iggy Pintado) and the Experience of Invention.


September 2008's Moment of Learning

The Creative Leadership Forum, BNET Australia and Deloitte present:

The Sound of Leadership - featuring Dr Louise Mahler, Managing Director, Art of Business and Ralph Kerle, CEO, Creative Leadership Forum

Date: Sept 2, 2008
Time: 5.00pm - 7.00pm
Venue: Deloitte, 9th Floor, 225 George Street, Sydney

A 2 hour fun filled participatory workshop led by an international renowned opera singer and theatre director. Make your presence felt through sound. Hear yourself become a leader. Be aware of the sounds others are making when they communicate. Learn to lead through the sense of sound!!

The workshop will offer a powerful leadership development experience in which you will discover your own voice; learn to use it effectively to lead and to experience the application and importance of voice in storytelling, presenting, influencing and being heard.

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