Monday, September 22, 2008

Missing a Connection - Just a Pain or a Costly Loss?


 Over the last few days, there was a media report on airline carrier QANTAS experiencing a computer glitch that caused delays that made passengers miss their connecting flights. 

Just today, the tunnel of a major road artery in and out of Sydney - the M5 - was closed for three hours in the middle of morning peak hour due to a problem with the signalling systems software causing motorists to miss their flight, appointment and school connections for the morning. 

Are these "disconnections" just a pain or are they proving to be costing us? If organisations do not prioritise the mission critical applications that help make airlines and roadways run smoothly, then should they bear the cost of lost productivity and business? 

 Then there's the tale all sales people can relate to. You've finally got hold of that evasive customer on his mobile phone and better yet, you've caught them in a good mood. The only thing that stands between you and that big order you've been waiting for them to place is that one pending query they had that you've prepared the perfect response to, which is sure to seal the deal. After some small talk, they ask the question. You preface your winning response with "I thought you'd ask that". 

Then the unimaginable happens. You confidently belt out that irrefutable, deal-closing answer and .... there's no response from them. At first you think they're so impressed that they're speechless. And then it hits you. "Hello, hello... Are you there?", to which there is still no response. 

You look at your phone screen and there are those dreaded words - "Call Ended". It would be good if there was an instant reconnection when this happens but it doesn't work that way. Both parties try and do the courteous thing by calling each other back, usually getting a busy signal or voicemail. You try again and again, but by now they've probably picked up another call (thinking it was you) or been distracted by their next work item of the day. Just the moment lost or much more? I'd appreciate your comments.

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