Saturday, August 2, 2008

Social Networking LIVE - Where the Hell is Matt?


I've come across some great YouTube videos in my time but this one really encompasses what I think the power of social media and social networking is all about. As at this posting, it's been viewed 8.3 millions times.

It made my day today and hope it makes yours. I think the whole world should see it at least once. Enjoy.

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Ian Lyons said...

There's a hidef version of this video on - every time I watch it, there's something new and wonderfully human to notice.

Brilliant how Matt first did it for himself, then it was extended & funded by Stride Gum and finally Matt invited the community of viewers to participate.

What's really interesting is to search YouTube for Matt Harding and see all the user videos from people filming their story as part of each city's dance.