Thursday, July 17, 2008

Facebook Experiment - Telstra Fan Page April 2008


When I was working for Telstra, I conducted a social networking experiment on Facebook. A Telstra Fan Page had previously been set up on Facebook with 34 fans. Commencing on Saturday, 19th April 2008, the experiment tested if I could increase the number of fans in seven days just by utilising my friends network, which numbered 200. 

The theory was that based on a recommendation (invitation), I could get my network to sign-up as 'fans'. The goal was to get to 100 fans in seven days by simply inviting contacts. By midnight on Friday, 25th April, there were 116 fans registered - an increase of 341% during the test period. The numbers doubled by Monday 21st April (69 fans) and tripled by Thursday, 24th April (102). 

 What did I conclude from this? Two things - (a) don't underestimate the power of your personal network for something they may support based on a recommendation and (b) the Facebook friends network is a good way to rally for a cause quickly and efficiently. My thanks to all those who particpated.

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Anonymous said...

An interesting experiment Iggy, though with not particularly surprising results. The question is not so much whether social networking gets people in the fan club party room, it's more about what to serve them when they get there, so they will stay, and importantly, so THEY will then invite others to the party ...