Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's Your Plan B Worth?

Over the last few months, I've been speaking to friends and former colleagues working for large, medium and small companies about their concern over recent job losses and redundancies due to the global financial crisis. These folks seem to fall under three categories:

1. Those who have been made redundant and didn't see it coming.

2. Those who are in limbo at the moment waiting to be told whether they still have a job or whether they'll be asked to leave and;

3. Those who have been told their jobs are safe (for now) but aren't sure whether that's a good thing for them as it means taking on more workload from colleagues who were made redundant with limited opportunities for a promotion, let alone a pay rise in the foreseeable future.

The one common  and consistent observation is that MOST of the people I've spoken to did or do not have a contingency plan for the current situation they find themselves in. I've always maintained that it's important to have a "Plan B" to prepare yourself for unforeseen circumstances, whether it's one you've been warned about or those that just hit you in the face.
If you find yourself - or someone you know - in one of these three categories and don't have a 'Plan B' for your situation, the JobCAMP09 event on the 14th and 15th May at Luna Park in Sydney may be just what the General ordered. The event is a two-day workshop to get you thinking, participating, connecting, planning and hopefully, working on YOUR plan. The organisers have determined that if you value it, you'll pay for it so at registration, YOU PAY WHAT YOU THINK IT'S WORTH.
More details at I'll be there if you want to connect.