Sunday, February 26, 2012

Can a blog post save a life? by Oscar Trimboli

On Friday, 25th February 2012, my friend Oscar Trimboli asked me to retweet this plea on Twitter to my network. I did so and asked him if there was anything else I could do to help his cause. He agreed to this guest post to put some context to his request. 

What do you look forward to in your life?

Getting married, the birth of your child, seeing your children graduating, seeing your children getting married, running a marathon or climbing a mountain or simply enjoying a meal with your family.

What do you get excited about every day? Imagine the possibilities.

Do you remember when your parents and grandparents said you can fly to the moon, become a prime minister, win a Nobel Prize or become an Olympic champion?

Remember what your parents and friends said to you - anything is possible

I believe the same, I am optimistic that anything is possible and I believe that this blog post can save a life.

Imagine a world where today means there is no tomorrow.

Imagine a world where you need to make arrangements for the family you love for a future that might not include you.

Imagine if your doctor said the only thing that can save your life is a bone marrow donor because all the leukaemia treatments for the last 5 years have been exhausted.

As an optimist and a passionate believer in the power of technology, I believe a blog can save a life.

Not just one life but many - this is a belief I share with YOU.

YOU have the power to save a life and more importantly change the life of a father, a husband, his children and his parent’s so he can live to see his dreams and see the dreams of his family come to life, everyday.

So information is power and here is how you become powerful – this is where you prove that a blog post can save a life.

Visit The Australian Bone Marrow Donor Registry fill in the form and donate some blood to see the power you hold to save a life.

- Oscar Trimboli