Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Astrology and Car Accident Connection


 How is your star sign connected to your propensity to claim car accident insurance? According to Australian insurance group AAMI, a review of over 200,000 claims lodged in 2007 found that if you're an Aquarius or Cancer, you're most likely to have an accident, followed by Capricorn. 

According to an AAMI spokesperson, Aquarians and Cancerians were most likely to lodge a claim, citing their moody and unpredictable natures. It was also noted that Librans have the fewest accidents out of all the signs but most likely to lodge the most expensive claims. 

 AAMI corporate affairs manager Mike Sopinski warned that the survey isn’t to be taken seriously. “We basically just did this analysis as a bit of fun”. Yeah, right. If you're insured with AAMI and are an Aquarian or Cancerian, keep a watchful eye on your Annual Insurance Renewal!

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Anonymous said...

What I also find strange is that AAMI took the time to run the analysis. Probably a pretty straightforward thing to do with their database, but nevertheless...

Surveys like that seem to be increasinly popular - the recent vegemite "survey" is another case in point. A marketing exercise, dressed up as news?