Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Car Connection

We are connected in so many different ways to people, information and ideas. 

How we are connected varies depending on a direct connection such as family, friend, business, event or online connection. Even our cars are connected to our identities. 

 This dawned on me recently when I realised that I can park my car anywhere in Australia (where I live) and any parking inspector or police officer can track down my vehicle details instantly to process an illegal parking fine. This week, the connection was extended even further with the announcement that in the state of New South Wales, motorists snapped by a speed or red light camera can now go online to check the photographic proof taken at the time of the offence allowing them to verify it was their vehicle. 

 "Viewing the image may assist the owner in nominating the actual driver at the time, to ensure the right person gets the infringement and demerit points" said NSW Roads Minister Eric Roozendaal in a statement. Both a penalty notice and a vehicle registration number is required to access the photos, as well as an automatically-generated random code for added security. The website is:


Anonymous said...

Mr Pintado, Have you ever considered imparting your knowledge to tertiary level students?

Iggy Pintado said...

I would love to - can you connect me to someone in the tertiary world who I could speak to?