Monday, August 3, 2009

Being Different on Twitter - Sam Mutimer

With millions of people on Twitter and lots of people tweeting at the same time, it's a challenge to get heard above all the tweet traffic. So how do you be - and "behave" - different on Twitter to get noticed? 

 One person who does it really well is Sam Mutimer (@sammutimer). I met Sam via Twitter and was quickly enticed to her tweets by what I've dubbed "Mutimerisms". 

Her tweets reflect her genuineness and gregarious personality to the extent that they're 'out there' enough to keep you engaged yet compelling enough to keep you following. 

Despite being English, most of the phrases she uses don't appear in any formal English grammar book I know of. But after a while of following her, you quickly get mesmerised by a combination of bewilderment and curiosity as you work through the logic of her language and her messages. In the end, you stay tuned and connected because - she's different - and that's her appeal. 

 Here are my Top 10 "Mutimerisms":
  1. Mellers - people from Melbourne, Australia
  2. Juicy - excellent. 
  3. Woohhharr! - excited.
  4. Rippa - great. 
  5. Defo - a definite.
  6. Pukka deluxe - better than excellent.
  7. Crank it up - go to another level.
  8. Its gonna go off - it'll be great.
  9. Gonna Chip Now - have to go now.
  10. Later Skaters - see you afterwards.


Ivan Kaye said...

compliments of Bradley Klibansky
"yayez" - wolf whistle on facebook
"its a joke" - its awesome
"loose" - chilledwith ++ to drink
"loose as a wizards sleeve".... resulting in being

JT said...

Couldn't agree more . . . Sam is "gold"! Her Tweets uplift me too!

Actually you both rock wth great motivation and insghts.