Sunday, August 30, 2009

Connection Generation hits the book stores!

It's always been a dream of mine to write my book, Connection Generation. When I finally wrote and released it, I called it my "baby" as it arrived nine months after I'd started the project. It was fantastic to see the result of my work when I held a copy of my book for the first time. It was even better to see it listed on shortly after.

Last week, the book hit Australian book stores for the first time. I signed a few copies at Dymock's Wynyard store in Sydney and was so excited, I tweeted about it. Then yesterday, I saw it wedged between two other management book at my local book store in North Ryde. It was such a thrill, I thought I'd share. Thanks to all who have supported me throughout the launch.

Can you do me a favour? Can you ask if YOUR LOCAL BOOK STORE if they stock copies of my book? Would appreciate the effort and any feedback you;d like to share. 

Cheers as always...



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R Scott said...


Big Congrats on your book hitting the shelves of bookstores. All the very best !