Sunday, July 13, 2008

About Iggy Pintado in 2008

ABOUT ME IN 2008: 
I'm an accomplished and experienced business leader, executive, coach and mentor. Over the last 22 years, I've held professional, management and executive positions in marketing, sales, channels, operations and online management at both technology giant IBM Australia (1986-2006) and until recently, at telecommunications specialists, Telstra. 

 I'm a ‘super-connected’ networker and am in the Top 30 most connected business networkers in Australia on Linkedin with currently over 3300 direct connections and 12.5 million secondary connections. In April 2008, I co-founded a business networking consulting, marketing, coaching and mentoring business called ConnectGen, where I am CEO and CNO (Chief Networking Officer). This business is under development so watch this space! 

 I'm passionate about passing on my knowledge, learnings and insights to large and small organisations alike. I'm regularly invited to present at business conferences, tertiary institutions and leadership seminars. I'm also a sought-after mentor as I am held in high regard by people I've managed and worked with during my corporate career. I actively mentor senior managers, top talent professionals and graduates at companies he has worked with. 

 In summary, I'm a passionate, motivated and experienced leader - and people-person - who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge into the 21st century business online world. I'm ready, willing and able to provide this acquired expertise to any organisation, group or audience - and to my newly established blog!

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Java Jack said...

Hi Iggy, heard you had become a writter from a colleague Michelle Zamora. I remember the good old days when we had a lot of fun .. I still use the 4 point approach on how to develop a marketing plan you did on a serviette for me.