Monday, July 21, 2008

Cisco Telepresence 'on-stage' holographic video conferencing


The launch of Cisco’s On-Stage TelePresence Experience, created by integrating Musion 3D Holographic Projection technology with Cisco TelePresence, was the result of an incredible effort on the part of 25+ Cisco employees across a half a dozen groups, plus another dozen individuals representing the vendor community. San Jose was jolted by an earthquake, informed De Beer. 'But we are fine, as you can see.' The 250 spectators nodded. 

Cisco's Telepresence has become `cuter', as Chambers put it, with holographic meetings replacing video conferencing in the near future. Cisco and Musion Systems will be marketing this as part of Cisco's Telepresence range of video conferencing products. "This is wonderful. I can even see the sweat on your brow," said Chambers to Chuck. Such holographic meetings can be captured and broadcast over IPTV, so any TV or PC with a broadband (wireless/ wired) connection can tune in. 

Telepresence is now available in 28 countries, and Cisco says over 150 rooms are now capable of high-definition video conferencing. Five years in the future, telepresence will no longer be about devices. Homes and hotels will use holographic conferencing, said Chambers. And it will get better. Three-dimensional holographic conferencing will first be used at large expositions and conferences, and would later trickle down to enterprises. 

Over time, it might even be used at home. Your grandmother could virtually walk into a living room and talk to you - her image travelling over seas and countries over the Internet. A teacher could face 50 students and give a lecture complete with expressions and body language. The possibilities of this decidedly realistic application are numerous.

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Anonymous said...

This is fascinating & has clear business benefits. It will be interesting to see how this technology is adopted as opposed to leveraging virtual worlds.

I have to say though, I am not quite sure that I am sold on the concept of family members being able to just "drop in" at home for a chat.......

Thanks for sharing this, Michelle